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Efficiency Meets Style in the 2019 Honda Clarity Electric

Electric cars are gaining more attention as consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. The 2019 Honda Clarity Electric has grown into a top choice on the market by creating a driver-friendly experience and an empowering design. If you want to… Continue Reading →

The All-New 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid is Here

The 2019 Honda Insight is the new face of fuel-efficient driving. With the latest technology features and impressive performance specs, this hybrid makes no sacrifices in the quest for a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Discover the all-new 2019 Honda Insight for… Continue Reading →

Why the 5-Door 2019 Honda Fit is Truly the Perfect Fit

At a time when high-priced luxury sedans are all the rage, the 2019 Honda Fit for sale in Asheboro, NC proves there’s still room on the road for economical, fuel-efficient, and easy-to-drive cars. The newest Honda Fit was recently released… Continue Reading →

Honda Cars, SUVs, and Trucks Pile Up the Awards

And the award goes to … Honda. A Honda can be driven practically anywhere, and the manufacturer really knows its way around an award show. The year 2018 has been a good one for Honda, which cleaned up in the… Continue Reading →

How the 2018 Honda HR-V Compares to the 2018 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit and the Honda HR-V are expected to be two of the more popular models in Honda’s 2018 lineup. But these vehicles are just as different as they are desired, and that’s why we’ve put together a comparison… Continue Reading →

You Can Have It All – With a Used Honda

Let’s just admit it – we want it all. We want a reliable vehicle that is also fun to drive. We want safety and performance. We want all of the above – and at a price we can afford. Now… Continue Reading →

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