There are three main types of car scratches: clear coat scratches, primer scratches, and paint scratches. Paint and primer scratches are more severe than clear coat scratches, and they may involve professional services.

However, when it comes to superficial clear coat scratches, these can often be fixed at home. Here are the steps to DIY car scratch removal.

5 Steps to Removing Car Scratches

Note that before taking the steps below, you will want to assess the scratch to see if it’s a surface scratch or a deeper one. For deeper scratches, please bring the vehicle in to a service center.

1. Wash and Dry

Start by thoroughly washing and drying the area where the scratch is. You’ll want to make sure the dirt and debris is completely removed from the car.

2. Prepare Toothpaste or a Scratch Removal Product

You can use either toothpaste or a car scratch removal product for this next step. You can find these products at an auto supply shop or home improvement store.

Toothpaste method:

Take a clean, dampened microfiber towel and apply a quarter-sized amount of whitening toothpaste onto the towel. This amount can vary a bit depending on how big the scratch is.

Scratch removal product method:

Take a microfiber cloth or buffing pad and apply a quarter-sized amount of the product to it. This amount can vary a bit depending on how big the scratch is.

3. Rub Toothpaste or Product Into Scratch

Work the toothpaste or product into the surface of the vehicle where the scratch is. Use a circular motion — though with the scratch removal product you can also apply it in a back-and-forth motion. Apply light to medium pressure as you do this, and do this for a few minutes.

4. Wipe or Buff Off the Toothpaste or Product

For the toothpaste, you’ll want to rinse it off. For the product, you’ll want to use another clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe it off thoroughly.

5. Repeat

If you used toothpaste, repeat this process up to two times. If you used the product, repeat up to three times.

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